Home Selling Mistakes

You listed your home for sale and it seems as if one problem after another reared its ugly head. Avoiding common home selling mistakes can determine the outcome of your home sale and whether or not you sell your home fast and for top dollar, all while reducing excess stress; now that’s good news, don’t you think?! We all like to avoid mistakes! I can almost hear your anxiety as you’re imagining experiencing these mistakes, but don’t worry, because today I’m going to tell you all about these common mistakes and just how to avoid them when selling your home. Keep reading to discover the mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid:

You told your Real Estate Agent what price that you want to sell your home for and they quickly agreed – Why would you hire a Real Estate Agent and pay a commission for their expertise, if you told them how to do their job, including how to price your home for sale? This is called “buying a listing”; when an Agent eagerly agrees to any price you suggest. They accept your inflated price knowing that at a later point when your home hasn’t sold, they’ll simply recommend a price reduction due to your home not selling. You should be able to trust the Agent you hire, knowing that they’re advising you honestly and not keeping any dirty secrets in hopes that it benefits themselves. Chasing the market routinely results in a lower ultimate selling price. Price your home correctly

You weren’t educated about the home selling process – Who likes surprises? Unless it’s a surprise birthday party and even then, plenty of us don’t like birthday surprises, so you certainly aren’t going to like surprises when selling a home. Knowing what to expect during the entire home selling process is priceless in maintaining your sanity. You should be well aware of the home selling process so you can anticipate as you go along. Surprises are often unsettling and are best to be avoided. Your Real Estate Agent needs to advise you of this process.

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You didn’t prepare to sell your home– Making the necessary preparations that include such things as cleaning, de-cluttering, repairs and staging.

You took shoddy shortcuts in making home repairs – Just because you’ve decided to sell your home doesn’t mean that now is the time to cut corners. Shoddy home repairs will be visible to Buyers and their inspectors. Don’t give Buyers the opportunity to request a price reduction.

You didn’t stick to deadlines/time frames – You didn’t think deadlines mattered. When you’re advised of a task that must be completed by certain dates for which you’re responsible, you’d better accomplish it by said date. Deadlines indeed matter and if you don’t follow deadlines, you can experience the costly results that can include you losing control over a Buyer not performing according to the contract or a home sale can even fall through due to your default of deadlines.

Your Real Estate Agent didn’t inform you of why deadlines/time frames are important – The examples just described above in #3, can be avoided when your Real Estate Agent knows the urgency of time sensitive contractual deadlines and keeps you informed of what you need to accomplish by said deadlines according to the Real Estate purchase contract. Deadlines are also important even when they’re not on the Real Estate contract; if you said you’ll do something by a certain day and time, it’s important that you do as you promise.

You don’t want to be inconvenienced – Selling a home is tough. You have Buyers coming through your home at all different times of day, you have to keep your home always “show ready” and you have to be available for questions and contract signing and initialing, just to name a few. It’s a pain, I know. The quicker you comply and be inconvenienced, the quicker you can get your sold for top dollar and then, you don’t have to worry about leaving your bed unmade one day when you’re off to work. Go ahead, leave it, as nobody will see it unless, of course, your spouse is a neat freak and arrives home from work before you do!

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